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Natural Soap

Small batches of handmade soap made from ingredients you can pronounce is our cup of tea round here.

We have thought about everything. Now go. Get Clean.


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"Oh my god Dr Bob's Bath!!!! I’m in love with the smells in my bathroom right now. Simply delicious!"

— Sarah

“Thanks for all the xmas goodies, presents almost done thanks to Dr Bob's xoxo - keeping it local, and handmade!”

— Anna

“The soap is almost too pretty to velvety..and the toothpaste tabs!! Hats off to”

— Desna

About us

Dr. Bob’s was the culmination of many years of trying not to itch. In the 'Dr. Bob’ house, we speak allergy and irritation. No one should have scratchy skin. And we speak waste-reduction. So in a flurry of egalitarian non-itchy-recycling madness, we decided to share our mad scientist-environmental betterment efforts.

The brand is inspired by a man whose recipes and kitchen concoctions were as legendary as his laugh. From gin to tomato sauce, this guy had a recipe for everything. And so we carry on the family tradition. Brewing and cooking up goodness for you in our lab-kitchen. For all the kiwi blokes, you’ll feel right at home here. Just get clean.